Resources and Links

  • Water infiltration of buildings can often be prevented by simple maintenance of drainage around the property. For information about stormwater management see, Environmental Services, City of Portland: Maintaining Home Stormwater Systems PDF file
  • Did you know that dust mite allergen is a leading source of allergies and asthma in indoor environments? For information about dust mites and dust mite control measures you can take see, Dust Mite 101 by The Mold Reporters Inc.: Dust Mites 101 PDF file
  • Did you know that ozone can cause lung damage and can potentially damage artwork and other personal items? Machines that generate ozone and sold as air purifiers are highly discouraged for use in occupied indoor environments. Ozone is a respirable gas. Sometimes the deceptive term “pure oxygen” is used by companies when selling services for ozone air purification. For information about ozone see, The U.S. EPA document on Ozone Generators Sold as Air Purifiers: Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners PDF file
  • Asbestos exposure is a significant long term health risk. Older buildings often contain asbestos materials. For information about asbestos see, American Lung Association document: American Lung Association Asbestos PDF file

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