Homeowner finds $100K in mold damage

LEE COUNTY: At the intersection of 19th Street SW and Olive Avenue sits a house that appears normal from the outside. But on the inside, it’s a moldy mess.

A landscaper cutting the grass noticed a broken window and called the homeowner.

Once inside, Veloz came face to face with the moldy mess.

After renters abruptly moved out a few weeks ago, vandals struck the Lehigh Acres home.

They not only broke out the front window, but then they turned on the faucet- flooding the place.

Now there’s mold everywhere.

It’s growing on the walls, the baseboard- even the ceiling.

No room escaped its wrath.

The disgusting damage totals more than $100,000.

“I don’t know what happened,” said Veloz.

Her life-long investment now has a life of its own.

While the sheriff’s office investigates the crime, the home remains empty, except for the mold.