10 Mold Prevention Tips

1). Make sure you sprinklers are not getting the sides of your home wet. Replace spray types with bubbler type if with in 3 ft. of your home. Make sure you are not over watering.

2). Regularly check under sinks, toilets and behind the refrigerator if it has an ice maker.

3). If you have a flood, get it dried out immediately, don’t hesitate to call in a specialist with dehumidifiers not just fans.

4). Regularly check the evaporation drain tube for your HVAC system, these can put out 3 or more gallons of water a day and if it gets plugged up it can drain directly into your home.

5). Change the HVAC filter every 3 months.

6). Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

7). Open a window in the bathroom when showering and run the exhaust fan during and after showering to remove all steam.

8). Make sure all planters, slabs and walkways are below slab and sloped away from the home.

9). Do not have plants growing on or very close to the walls of the home.

10). Check and repair your roof after every wind storm.